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For certain projects like prisons, government buildings, airports, banks and any number of other situations that require high security measures, SV GATES is here, it allows 3 options: SV 3000, SV 4000 and SV 6000, taking into consideration size, types and finishes.

In all of its options it is possible to apply security devices and control access systems. While planning any of the gates, both the risk factor and our client's needs are analyzed.

Galvanized and Lacquered finish. The standard SV HIGH GATES model is always supplied with a Galvanized finish, but, if required, it can also receive a colour Lacquered finish, RAL colour chosen accordingly to RAL standards: RAL 6005, RAL 3000, RAL 5010, RAL 7030, RAL 9005 and RAL 9010. The high quality lacquer finish gives a greater special appearance and resistance to the gate.