Up to 26 metes of clear opening.

The SV SHB gate has the convenience of being potentially executed in non-standardized measures, relative to both height and width.

In its double door version, this gate can reach a clear opening of 26m, with its extremely flat trough on the floor that allows for a greater stability of the Gate through many years, supported by a steel rail. As the gate slides behind the fence there's plenty of room to be exploited. The SV SHB gate combines with any fence and can be complemented with a man door.

Rapid replacement of its parts for widths superior to 5m, this gate is made of easy and fast to replace components thus, in case the gate is damaged, one must only replace some parts of the gate instead of the whole gate.

Galvanized and Lacquered finish. The standard SV SHB model is always supplied with a Galvanized finish, but, if required, it can also receive a colour Lacquered finish, RAL colour chosen accordingly to RAL standards: RAL 6005, RAL 3000, RAL 5010, RAL 7030, RAL 9005 and RAL 9010. The high quality lacquer finish gives a greater special appearance and durability to the gate.